Removal of Fluoride

With household filters, decentralized filter stations and filter systems for public water suppliers, Harbauer offers solutions in all sizes.

HAPaqua for fluoride removal from drinking water

Harbauer Limited, located in Nakuru, Kenya is your competent partner for defluoridation of fresh water and the treatment of drinking water. With our special filter material HAPaqua we offer a simple and affordable solution to remove fluoride from ground water, surface water or any other source of fresh water.

We offer filter systems and plants in different sizes and for various applications such as Household filters, Decentral filter stations and Filters for municipal water suppliers.

Household filter

Decentral filterstations

Filter for municipal water suppliers

The HAPaqua filter technique is used successfully in Schools and Hospitals, at community water point in remote locations and is suitable for the use in Hotels, Restaurants and Bars.

HAPaqua is a synthetic produced white filter granulate on the basis of Hydroxyapatite. The production site is located in Nakuru, Kenya and with the experience of more than 15 years our staff and engineers ensure the highest quality of the special adsorbent.  

With a high specific adsorption capacity for Fluoride (F) ions of up to 10gF/kg filter granulate the use of HAPaqua enables compact filter sizes and long service times. Due to the high selectivity of the adsorption capacity for Fluoride, other ions, such as calcium and magnesium, remain in the water.

After saturation with fluoride, the filter material can be regenerated and reused at low cost. Container based regeneration stations and commercially available, inexpensive chemicals allow for a simple regeneration process.

PDF Download Certificate: Permit to use the standardization mark für Harbauer Kenya
Certificate: Permit to use the standardization mark für Harbauer Kenya

In comparison to other treatment processes like reverse osmosis (RO) the operation of the HAPaqua filter stations is much more energy efficient. Neither high-pressure pumps nor membranes are required. All parts and electrical components are available in DIY or construction markets.

In cooperation with charitable foundations and non-governmental organizations (NGO), we implement projects in Kenya and Tanzania, to provide people with access to clean drinking water. If you want to learn more about our current projects or support us, please contact us.