What drives us

Everyone should have access to clean drinking water. We are working every day to get a little closer to this goal.

Our mission and vision

Access to clean drinking water is the foundation for a healthy life and was recognized as a human right by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 2010. Clean drinking water not only protects against diseases but also allows children to go to school permanently, empowers girls and women and enables the development of local markets.

However, more than 2 billion people worldwide do not have secure access to this basic and precious commodity and over 2 million people die every year from diseases caused by contaminated water. Rural populations in the global south are the most affected.

At Harbauer Water Solution Kenya, we have set ourselves the goal of providing more people with access to clean and affordable drinking water. Because only if the local population, even in less developed rural regions, can afford treated drinking water can we achieve positive effects and an improvement in the quality of their lives.

With our innovative filter materials, purification processes and water supply systems, we want to make a contribution to achieving sustainable development goal 6 "Clean Water and Sanitation". This goal can only be achieved with the support of a motivated team. We are therefore proud of our dedicated employees and grateful for their daily commitment in the field of drinking water treatment.