Fluoride removal workshop 24. – 26. April 2024 in Nakuru

High concentrations of Fluoride in drinking water lead to serious health implications like dental and skeletal Fluorosis. Most of the groundwater sources in Nairobi region and big parts of Rift Valley in Kenya, Tanzania and other counties of East Africa have high levels of fluoride, that is usually above the WHO Standard requirements of 1.5mg/l. In April this year we offer a workshop targeting this issue.

UNICEF works together with Harbauer Kenya

We are pleased to announce that Harbauer Kenya has received an order from UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund. As part of this collaboration, Harbauer Kenya has received an order to supply 884 household defluoridation filters to the Turkana region in northern Kenya.

Harbauer on the World Water Forum in Dakar

On March 21st, doors open in Dakar, Senegal, for the World Water Forum, the world´s largest water-related international event.